Quanto is purpose-built to track and manage the financial performance of risk-based contracts.  Unlike a care management tool, its primary focus is financial outcomes, not clinical workflows or real-time patient outreach.

Quanto allows users to examine patterns of performance, identify potential challenges, and drill down to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Through an easy-to-use web interface, Quanto offers guided analytic pathways built on claims data that has been optimized for the financial management of value-based contracts.

With Quanto, users can assess patterns and drill down instantly to uncover what lies beneath.

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Spend more time improving performance

Quickly identify necessary changes and take action. Quanto gives you the tools to continuously refine your action plan and achieve rewarding results.

Build  reports that meet your organization’s needs

You need the right tools to understand how to improve performance. Standard payer reports don’t provide the insights that will help focus your efforts – but Quanto can.

Access as much or as little assistance as desired

Veralon is available to provide consulting support, including customized analysis and interpretation, on an as-needed basis.

What can Quanto do for you?


Evaluate contract performance by population

Identify opportunities for improvement (network leakage, avoidable admissions, readmissions)

Assess physician effectiveness

Segment population by risk group

Bundled Payments

Pinpoint drivers of bundle profitability

Analyze the impact of different care pathways

Assess effectiveness of physicians and post-acute care providers

Segment readmissions by DRG, procedure, and provider

Quanto can help you maximize the full potential of your claims data, fast and flexibly.

With Quanto you can:

  • Track performance against payer-specific metrics
  • Understand details behind payer reconciliation reports
  • Uncover information that will help to improve profitability
  • Create “report cards” on individual practices or physicians
  • Analyze claims data at the highest or the most granular level, looking at performance at the level of organization, practice, physician, and/or patient

We provide data that is consistent across payers and the analytical tools you need. We handle:

  • Determining the data structures and meaning for each claim feed
  • “Cleaning” the data to keep bad data out
  • Transforming your feeds into a unified data file that supports the Quanto analytical tool

Put Quanto to work and spend less time trying to get answers and more time managing care and reducing costs.

Veralon is available to provide consulting support, on an as-needed basis, including customized analysis and interpretation related to gainsharing and savings allocations.